We're on a mission to teach everyone in the world to program.

The Fairfield Programming Association (FPA) is a student-run non-profit organization dedicated to providing youth with computer science educational opportunities. As the technology industry grows and to encapsulate every facet of our day to day life, computer literacy becomes more of a necessity to thrive. Computer science teaches analytical thinking and problem solving, skills which are imperative to any student’s success. The mission of the FPA is to advance computer literacy and provide underserved students of all ages the resources necessary to rise as our next generation of engineers. The FPA strives to pass on the passion we have for computer science to our students, allowing that passion to blossom through each students’ career.

The One Student Promise.

For every product that the Fairfield Programming Association sells, we promise that a student will be taught how to code. If you don't want to buy a product from the FPA, becoming a monthly-sponsor can help keep our mission going during times when we need it the most.