Our Programs

We offer an array of different programs that can be split into different categories: growth, development, and change. Our growth programs are mostly events like our coding competitions and programming help website that attract new members to the FPA. Our development programs are designed to help the community such as our learning resources and hour of code events. Finally, our change programs try to mold the future of programming such as our open-source specifications and aptitude exams.

Hour of Code

Many people do not have wide access to computers or devices to access our digital content. It is our mission to teach those who may not have access to learning devices, how to code.

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Coding Competitions

Our coding competitions are a collaborative effort between all of the highschools in the Fairfield County area. They are run by students, and we hope to expand to the wider Northeast soon.

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Learning Resources

We offer educational resources in the forms of articles, videos, and interactive quizzes that can enhance your knowledge of computer science. All of these resources are availible under a modified-ISC license.

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