Since July, 2022

Charter Outreach

This program focuses on partnering with local schools, enabling them to build clubs, all in order to educate future generations.

How to Join

We are always looking for dedicated and talented individuals to join our team in managing the charter program. If you are interested in taking on this exciting opportunity to contribute to the success of the program, please email Neil Chaudhari at [email protected] with the subject 'Request to Join Charter Program Management Team'. In your email, please introduce yourself, provide details about your relevant experience and skills, and explain why you are interested in helping to manage the program. We look forward to considering your application and the potential for you to make a valuable impact on the program.


William McGonagle

William McGonagle is a Co-Founder, President, and Board Member of the FPA. Born on September 8th, 2004, he currently resides in Bridgeport, Connecticut near the headquarters of the FPA. After seeing how income disparity contributes to a shortage of education,

Neil Chaudhari

Neil Chaudhari is a Co-Founder, CEO, and Board Member of the FPA. After seeing how income disparity contributes to a shortage of education, he decided that there needed to be more opportunities for learning. He had discussed the problem

Lachlan McCracken

Lachlan McCracken is the Head of Charter Outreach for the FPA. She is working to partner the FPA with community organizations that would not otherwise offer coding programs.

Jamie Davis

Jamie Davis is an FPA volunteer and original member who has been working with the Charter program since its inception. He and Tristan Ebrahimi have worked to build the charter program through community building with schools and organizations that share

Nina Lomigora

Nina Lomigora is the co-head of Charter Outreach for FPA. She is working alongside Lachlan McCracken to partner FPA with community organizations to give students an opportunity to learn to code that they would not have otherwise.

Owen Simon

Owen Simon is an FPA volunteer and original member who has helped build and improve the teaching force of the program since day one. Many young future coders were captivated by his distinctly enthusiastic teaching - and their success captivated

Aaron Hopper

Aaron Hopper is the Head of International Education who joined to teach students abroad programming. He believes it is very important that those who want to learn to code, but may not have the resources, be given an opportunity to

Tristan Ebrahimi

Tristan Ebrahimi is an FPA volunteer closely connected to the Charter program as he has been working on it since its beginning. He and Jamie Davis have worked hard to craft it into the community-driven, colaborative, and supportive program that